Pack your swimming trunks and don’t forget the sunscreen, because the upcoming summer collection of Colours and Sons is colourful and hot, very hot! Grab your surfboard after work and go straight to the beach or to the next sailing trip with your friends. The customary casual, urban and partly maritime look ensures summer feeling all year around, and a good mood is a given.

The basic framework for this consists of soft pastel colours that are topped off by matching, stronger colour gradations. Particularly beautiful turquoise and mint green colours breathe new life into the collection, complemented by salmon colours and various shades of blue. A soft yellow completes the colour palette and provides the necessary sunshine, true to the motto: „I NEED VITAMIN SEA“

The „Sons of Colours“ are growing, and with them the entire collection. The diversity within our collection perfectly reflects the complete outfit idea and offers, beside light knitted articles and sporty shirts, a more than sufficient number of t-shirts, polos and sweat themes. Light jackets are more popular than ever, and the looks are complemented by shorts and chinos. Always on board, „The love for detail …“ After colours & sons had already expanded the shirt collection last winter, it has grown even larger and now leaves nothing to be desired. More than 50 shirt designs in long-sleeve create a consistent image and are also largely available in short-sleeved versions. From basic shirts in bright colours, over colourful plaid and casual prints to soft linen shirts in a maritime look. All shirts come in our customary playful design, with a soft feel and a male fit. The colours & sons Essential Shirts belong to any wardrobe and are always perfectly combined with a jacket or knit.

Colours-and-sons-ss17Ready-to-Wear has established itself with the male sex, and the „Sons“ buy whatever they feel like. Knit plays an essential role in the summer collection and is in demand until mid-March, while t-shirts and polo Shirts remain hidden in the depths of the closet. In early December, Colours & Sons begins a beautiful maritime story of cotton that is complemented by highlight products. These definitely set the right mood on the sales floor and create a new image right next to the remnants of the winter collection. The chance to find a fresh shirt instead of knit socks under the Christmas tree is therefore greater than ever. In the new year, we seamlessly latch onto the Pre-Christmas-Program, and nice and light summer knitwear themes that complete the outfit out of shirts, ALOHA, IT´S BIKINI TIME, SONS!

pants and accessories “surface”. Beside qualities such as cotton and linen, exciting yarn types with Slub, Mouliné- or Space-Dyed-effects that skillfully set themselves apart and embody their own character also play an important role.

Due to popular demand, Colours & Sons has expanded the sweat program sufficiently. Suitable for the beginning of spring, it complements t-shirts and polos in fresh colours and shapes. This way, competent product structuring won’t be a problem for the end customer.To cut a casual figure during dinner at the beach promenade or in the beer garden with friends, a variety of colourful summer blazers can be found in the collection. For anyone who wants to go for a more laid-back look, there are also light jackets that serve more and more as replacement for sports jackets. Many men don’t even take them off anymore, but use them to highlight t-shirts, shirts or soft knitwear. Whether blouson, bomber, cotton parka or caban, there is something for every “Son”… To make sure that everything is nice and breezy down below, we invested a lot into the bermuda and shorts assortment that accompanies our basic chino.

The perfectly matched colors run through all of the product groups! Look forward to a significantly expanded and expressive collection. Delivery dates from November to April easily take the space with beautiful tables. Each piece can be combined with the other ones and ensures the enormously important overall image of the sales floor. Smooth colour tran- sitions are guaranteed and seem harmonious, just like watching the sunset while holding your loved one…


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