AMOV quest for balance
Try not to be a man of success, but rather A Man Of Value.” These wise words by Albert Einstein are the premise of AMOV, a thrilling new Danish apparel brand founded in 2015 that is set to make a huge impact in the fashion industry.
AMOV is a quest for balance – the company’s founder believes that a clothes brand can be both profitable and ethical. Made for both men and women, AMOV is a concise collection of timeless separates for both men and women. With a strong emphasis on minimalism, comfort and effortless style, the predominant colours are an array of neutral tones – such as black, white and grey. Cuts are relaxed yet flattering, textures cosy yet luxe – most of AMOV’s pieces are made of organic cotton, intended to have a long lifespan.
The fact that AMOV’s seasonal collections are small only add to its charm. But just as important as its designs is its aim to make a change for the better in the fashion industry. Great quality, natural fabrics, and durability are the key components of this brand – together with responsible production, sustainability, and transparency.
Moreover, every single piece of apparel is given a unique code. The idea is that these codes will give the garment, even more, individuality and value – they can be registered on the brand’s website and eventually be sold on its online platform. AMOV not only wish to create a network and movement of people who are willing to exchange used apparel – they aim to make their items more valuable by more sharing stories and experiences.
As a young company with strong core values, AMOV is the perfect balance of beautiful style, affordable luxury, and sustainability.