Discover Blend He Spring Opening ‘18 more streetwear ever

As the weather picks up in the UK, Blend He’s Spring Opening 2018 collection has landed in Double H Agency, giving us a preview of what all the stylish men will be wearing at the start of next year.

The Danish menswear – streetwear label has also shared a highly detailed presentation of where the design team have taken inspiration from for this collection. Blend He’s Spring Opening 2018 collection is divided in three stories – ‘Bleached Punk’, ‘Tokyo Sport’ and ‘Shaded Desert’.

‘Bleached Punk’

As the name indicates, ‘Bleached Punk’ honours the controversial and legendary punk subcultures of the 80’s – and since streetwear and rebelliousness is in Blend He’s DNA, there really is no better match. Expect distressed details such as cleverly placed holes and rips, graphic statement t-shirts and wording on denim, as well as lots of bleached denim. The colour palette is neutral and timeless, featuring lots of shades of grey, black and cool blues. All in all, this story is perfect for a man who loves streetwear with a little edge.

‘Tokyo Sport’

This is the colourful part of Blend Spring Opening ’18. Inspired by the Japanese capital’s vibrancy and night life, 90’s sportswear and streetwear plays a key role in this story too. Block lines, eye-catching graphics, sportswear-as-streetwear pieces, hero sweaters and even sweatpants… it’s much more than a nostalgic tribute to the 90’s, it’s a reinvention. Red hues are mixed with vibrant blues as well as black and white for what is a fun, trend-focused and commercial result.

‘Shaded Desert’

Finally, ‘Shaded Desert’ is yet another look that encapsulates what Blend is all about so perfectly. Emulating classic Americana vibes, the story is all about dusty colours, faded effects, western touches, separates that are perfect for layering and lots of denim.

Wearable, commercial and effortlessly stylish, there is something for every man in Blend’s varied and exciting Spring Opening ’18 collection. So why not book an appointment with Double H Agency to have a look at this amazing collection? Contact Peter and get your appointment ->