Eden Park

Eden Park

New AW20 Collection

Eden Park successfully fuses its rugby-inspired style codes with the latest trends to create the unique Eden Park look. It’s the perfect reflection of French Flair: unexpected creative know-how and that certain je ne sais quoi that makes each piece the ideal blend of French tradition and the brand’s strong identity.


Eden Park is a French clothing brand created 30 years ago by French internationals players. Is the proud formal wear supplier to 5 successful European teams: England, Wales, Ireland, Italy and of course France. All players from these squads benefit from the great rugby background of the brand.

Eden Park is a sophisticated label with the spirit of creativity lies behind the creation of Eden Park – the inspiration and values were drawn from a true story.

‘Preppy à la française’ – from top of the range Casual label, Eden Park, is the next chapter in the story.

The Firm is always offering very comfortable articles, with a kind subtlety in the details which shades into elegance. This love of details («sprezzatura», as the Italians call it) has always been one of the brand’s key characteristics. With its combination of nonchalance, boldness and discrepancy, right down into the smallest finishing, and for nearly 30 years has made it an unparalleled brand in the world of trendy chic. The appropriation of the sportswear touch, with jackets very prominent, can be seen right across the collection, with a multitude of details.

Eden Park has also a exclusive capsule collections bearing the official team logos.