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Garcia Jeans C/D Collection

They’re inspired by Beaton’s character, bold choices, creativity and the fact that he was a first-class dandy. We’ve created a forward-thinking silhouette that remains calm, yet conveys an outspoken style direction. The modern uniform features an elongated silhouette, with small collars and collarless shirts, and over-shirts used as jackets with military details. Sweats & Cardigans have a hybrid function, as does our knitwear collection.

The kind of men that would like to dress this collection it is a modern beau with a young spirit. He loves contemporary clothing with a high comfort factor and chooses denim as the base for his outfits. Standing in the spotlight of life, he dares to make statements without complicating things. You too can get inspired by Beaton and create a dashing style that mixes military formality and detailing with an elongated and fluid tunic silhouette. This is the perfect combination of comfort & masculinity.

The colours We went in a new colour direction based on the effects of cement washing. Sea Green: Like a deep, yet shimmering clear sea, this shade is peaceful and elegant. Soft Mint: A soft, muted grey with a whisper of blue and a tiny touch of green. Charcoal: The modern neutral, combining & fusing the colours Sea Green and Landmark. Landmark: A brushed terracotta cement hue with a hint of brick. Shade: This is the new black. It’s just the right mix of grey and black, turning down the dark and turning up the light. Off-whitePebble Melee: More understated than pure white. A bleached-out grey.

Garcia Jeans

The Garcia Jeans story reads like an exciting boys’ book that just keeps triggering your imagination. The adventure begins when Isabella Mablona Garcia and Maurizio Luigi give birth to their distinctive jeans in 1977 in the jeans valley of the Italian Urbania and combine their contemporary designs with pure craftsmanship. Early on in the story the Dutch company Eurobrooks discovers the Mediterranean look and feel of these jeans. Together they set out to become a progressive, casual denim brand.

Dutch commercial acumen combined with the Italian sense of style is the perfect match and leads to an unmistakable signature. And right to this very day denim is still the key component of the Garcia Jeans DNA, flowing through our veins and forming the basis of our fashionable lifestyle.
International and full of ambition, that is what we stand for.

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