Haze and Finn

Haze & Finn

HAZE and FINN is a trendy fashion label for men, designed in ANTWERP since 2014. Haze and Finn are authentic names of HUSKY DOGS, as English merchants called the sledge dogs kept by Eskimos when they first saw them in 1852. The brand refers to the authentic values of life on the ARCTIC. The logo pays tribute to the NORTHERN STAR. The collection has a timeless design and is beautiful in its simplicity. The fabrics and materials from Haze and Finn, are of high quality and very comfortable to wear (stretch & easy  iron). This is a BELGIAN BRAND, which offers quality and design at an attractive price.

Haze & Finn MEN

The public of the brand it is a men with young state mind, modern yet classic, stylish yet casual. The men who is looking for an inspired fashion label with and authentic heritage behind the styles that he is wearing or adding to his wardrobe. With the aim to make them feel good about their choices and themselves.


The brand is offering an attractive consumer prices at the entry point of premium segment. Differentiated from the high street offerings and with a high comfort (stretch, easy care) and quality products. And on the top and UNIQUE retail mark up.


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