J.T Ascott

J.T Ascott

J.T Ascott are specialists in shirts of genuine quality. Their shirts are not for the old, and not for the young – the brand is known for its style and modern approach!

Double H Agency is representing this brand in the UK Market. We think that the J.T Ascott shirt has a genuine style, a combined product of modern material and a traditional handmade artistry. It represents creativity and quality. All patterns and colour combinations are produced in their studio by experienced designers and sold exclusively as part of the J.T Ascott collection.

The brand match perfectly for gentlemen who are looking for contrasting seams, eye-catching trimming, interesting pocket details or special washable effects. The J.T Ascott collection represents in a discrete but nevertheless effective way a modern casual men’s ware. Shirts for gentlemen, and all in a branch of the market where price comparisons are worth considering.

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