Saville row in UKSAVILE ROW by GG

No matter whether it is a question of the mainline or the new subline SAVILE ROW by GG – Club of Gents In both collections, the attitude to life displayed by British Mods and the Britpop scene is in the focus. A creative statement against the establishment. Loud, rebellious, nuanced, different. In his new subline, the brand adds to its unconventional attitude to life some essential ingredients which clearly distinguish the Capsule from the mainline. With more upmarket fabrics, almost sartorial tailoring, more fashionable silhouettes and designs, eye-catching patterns, crafted and sophisticated details, Savile Row by CG – Club of Gents wants to “whet appetites” for the product as such. For “that certain something” which defines itself by the right button, by the right quality, by the right seam, by the right fit, by the right angle of the flap pockets, by the right lining, by the right shoulder line etc. The price should not be the deciding criterion when it comes to a purchase, but rather the composition of the whole entity.

A Total Look

Suits, jackets and waistcoats are at the centre of the 15-part collection. Followed by a range of matching coats, trousers, shirts and T-shirts. A total look allowing for a variety of fittings by diverse patterns and models. The coat, a traditional trench coat in look & feel (Maroni). The silhouette cut to shape, short, tight-fitting, smart. A two-button model, enriched with leather fasteners and bars as well as ornamental seams and stitching. Made of a soft cotton/nylon blend which also keeps you dry in light rain. As a soft highlight, there is a semi-lined wool blend coat (Mauricio) which is attractive thanks to its loose and light feel.

Beige and cru

Regarding colours, Savile Row by CG – Club of Gents restricts itself strictly to traditional and masculine colouring. Classic blue, deep Bordeaux, British green and yellow in a wide variety of shades, always depending on the yarn quality, form the basis. Beige and ecru provide accents. In addition to the above-mentioned details, small penny pockets inspired by penny loafers occasionally decorate jackets. Wortmann implements a herringbone lining displaying sewing machines, needles, threads and buttons in his jackets and trousers, these being meant to serve as a reminder for honest workmanship. Two more features which, in terms of details, distinguish the superior quality and added value, the look & feel of the subline SAVILE ROW by CG – Club of Gents from the mainline.