S4 Jackets

S4 Jackets

New SS18 Collection

In spring/summer 2018, S4 Jackets once again defines urban style and appeal – confident as always, with cosmopolitan elegance and no airs. The focus is on a look for doers, inspired by the City. Uncompromising quality and design, no frills, no trade-offs.

The fabrics used by S4 Jackets are synonymous for intelligent appeal: High-quality light brand padding such as Thermore or Primaloft, rain-wear made from 2.5-ply laminate, jackets made from Limonta T400 stretch – the elastic fiber for a precise fit, with high-resistance features, UV-resistant, including no-fuss no-crease care.
Most S4 Jackets uppers are water-repellent or water-tight, thanks to taped seams and special laminations. Comfort and breathability absolutely are a matter of course. In spring/summer 18, S4 Jackets banks on high-tech fabrics, but also on pure cotton, superbly manufactured in two layers or with an elegant fine thread with natural stretch effect.

Functional rain coats and parkas in a variety of lengths add to the distinctive masculine S4 Jackets range, from bomber jackets to summer coats – uncompromising and smart, with a straight and sporty touch. Cotton or cotton mix come in smoky, rugged colors: Tobacco, sand, light olive or dusty blue. Cosmopolitan, with a relaxed athleisure attitude in stretch fabrics: The S4 Jackets collection makes a statement in racing red, aqua, solar yellow, racing green or Fjord blue, combined with white details. No need to hide this summer!  With its complex and clean shade, eggshell plays a special role: Elegant, classy and sublime, and contrasted with fresh colors. The S4 Jackets design makes a statement down to the smallest detail: Self-confident styles with color-coordinate linings and zips in contrasting colors.


When is a man a man? We believe there are 4 things that make a man attractive, successful and confident. Self-assuredness, style, smartness and a certain type of sportiness. Not more. But also not less. S4 Jackets sees fashion through the eyes of men who are no longer trying to find out who they are, but who are at peace with themselves. Both in life and fashion. Clear silhouettes, clear edges. Why succumb to the dictate of what a “man” should wear? Why not strike out on one’s own? Stylistically confident, nonchalant, discerning. Inspired by design, architecture and the lifestyle of international metropolises, we have already remained true to our chosen path for two decades. Yet, despite this, time and again we demonstrate our courage to question this and define a new direction. We believe: trends come and go. Quality remains. Which is why we invest just as much passion in the look as we do in the manufacturing. We pay attention to details and are willing to risk everything except compromises.