S4 Jackets

S4 Jackets

SS20 Collection

25 years out of the box – 25 years in style

With the release of the new summer collection, S4 Jackets turns 25 and, as always, is celebrating with style: confident, urban, casual. 

The S4 formula is timeless – as is the look of today’s urban man: self-confident, stylish, smart and sporty.  All you need for fashion perfection. And, on the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the 2020 summer collection epitomises these four Ss. While timelessness is not subject to trends, new techniques mean these four elements have been invigorated anew. This upcoming summer collection takes the label’s formula for success to the next level.

Light summer blousons are the focus here – as is the stylish man. In all variations: whether with or without a detachable hood, or no hood at all, in extremely lightweight qualities, quilted, with knit cuffs or in modern punched fabrics, material mix, and colour blocking. Reflective prints and on-trend lasered wordings add a little extra flair. The NOS range boasts five styles, all available in various colours. Shirt jackets, field jackets, coats, and parkas complete the range. New fabrics sourced from Italy and South Korea further enhance the range of colours thanks to their brilliant luminosity. A polyester cotton fabric comes mixed with real silk. Because vibrancy and freshness are the themes of the hour: Super lightweight polyamide outer fabric provides summer comfort, being both water-repellent and cool. There are uneven, matt surface structures with a natural feel. Garment dyed nylon and cotton create the season’s distinctive look and is a particular highlight of the collection. Reflective elements suggest the sporty nature of the wearer; one jacket is even completely finished in the reflective outer fabric. Fresh and sporty colours – from Arctic White and Nordic Red to Sunshine Yellow and Skydiver Blue – are complemented by the neutral, earthy tones of Seagrass and Lava Stone, while refreshing blends of Light Gray, Blue, and Smoke Gray provide a calm and powerful counterpart.


A further highlight: Styles in contrasting Black and White, as well as reflective Silver, elegantly intensify the colours of the S4 Jackets’ logo in the summer of 2020, further celebrating 25 successful years. Absolutely stylish – bang on trend.


When is a man? We believe there are 4 things that make a man attractive, successful and confident. Self-assuredness, style, smartness and a certain type of sportiness. Not more. But also not less. S4 Jackets sees fashion through the eyes of men who are no longer trying to find out who they are, but who are at peace with themselves. Both in life and fashion. Clear silhouettes, clear edges. Why succumb to the dictate of what a “man” should wear? Why not strike out on one’s own? Stylistically confident, nonchalant, discerning. Inspired by design, architecture and the lifestyle of international metropolises, we have already remained true to our chosen path for two decades. Yet, despite this, time and again we demonstrate our courage to question this and define a new direction. We believe: trends come and go. Quality remains. Which is why we invest just as much passion in the look as we do in the manufacturing. We pay attention to details and are willing to risk everything except compromises.