S4 Jackets

S4 Jackets

Style for men.

Self-confident, stylish, sporty, smart – S4 Jackets is a lot of things but it is never average, especially when it comes to fashion and business. Once again the label offers the chance to get hold of five of its designs at a bargain price to increase profits before the official fall/winter 2018 buying season begins, with a minimum calculation of 3.0 compared to the regular order period.

The chosen styles reflect the trend themes of the season: short, voluminous quilted jackets meet fashionable parkas. Always authentic, always masculine.

Distinctive blue tones and elegant melanges set the tone: cool ice blue, sapphire, dark navy, silver, and anthracite. Warm, natural fall shades – solid and wool looks in brown as well as copper and bronze – join the color concept. Color Blocking as a tribute to the retro sport or as a modern interpretation of the timeless and straightforward Bauhaus style.

This season we are launching a special programme that includes better benefits for orders placed before Panorama Berlin AW18. The “Profit Programme” will include better mark up and as well the option to get earlier delivery and be the first to have new stock in your shop. This programme has been launched this season for the first time in the UK.


When is a man a man? We believe there are 4 things that make a man attractive, successful and confident. Self-assuredness, style, smartness and a certain type of sportiness. Not more. But also not less. S4 Jackets sees fashion through the eyes of men who are no longer trying to find out who they are, but who are at peace with themselves. Both in life and fashion. Clear silhouettes, clear edges. Why succumb to the dictate of what a “man” should wear? Why not strike out on one’s own? Stylistically confident, nonchalant, discerning. Inspired by design, architecture and the lifestyle of international metropolises, we have already remained true to our chosen path for two decades. Yet, despite this, time and again we demonstrate our courage to question this and define a new direction. We believe: trends come and go. Quality remains. Which is why we invest just as much passion in the look as we do in the manufacturing. We pay attention to details and are willing to risk everything except compromises.