S4 Jackets

S4 Jackets

AW20 Collection


Sovereign, timeless, urban, casual. This is how S4 Jackets was and this is how it is – this is exactly how the upcoming summer collection 2021 will be. With it: a crystal-clear attitude in all aspects of sustainability.  

S4 jackets have a lot in common with the man who wears them: a strong posture, timeless elegance and always the claim to make clear statements. The upcoming summer collection 2020 says concentration on the essentials. Concentration on quality. Concentration on true sustainability. The industry will see and feel how exactly this attitude behaves on clothes rails in the summer 2021.


Also superficially seen on the winning side – Materials & Topics 

Coats come in various qualities, from discreet checks and herringbones to melange in two to three colours each. Partly Made in Europe and partly made of Italian wool. The classic tailored styles are now complemented with sporty wool in new looks and modern cuts, as blousons, parka and with new coat shapes. All in all, the surfaces become masculine and handy: fine cord, soft but coarse cotton nylons, masculine garment dye dyed cotton, discreet wool looks from functional fabrics, finely structured looks from sporty minimal to elegant to straight. In general, the collection is clear and daring: on the outside with large pockets, sleeve pockets and special haptic outer fabrics – on the inside with strongly coloured or printed inserts, teddy fur, mesh and contrasting or reflective details and printed or coloured linings. And even the styles are bold with various longparkas and puffy shortjackets.

Sustainable fabrics make a lasting impression

In addition, there are recycled outer fabrics, linings and waddings, which will in future carry the GRS certification (Global Recycled Standard). PFC-free finishes have been common to S4 jackets for many years and are now also used on all waterproof outer fabrics. Thus, the brand continues to convey a crystal-clear attitude in all matters relating to sustainability as a consequence of a basic attitude of respect and global responsibility towards the environment and customers.

From sporty cool to fiery warm – the colours of the collection

Colours and patterns range from sporty cool to fiery warm – and are always timeless: from brown to olive, rust and blue or navy tones, everything is represented. Also Plum, Indian Red, Turmeric, Frozen and Ink Blue, Lime Green, Beige and Taupe. Digital camouflage over entire styles.

Many details, one truth: S4 Jackets will remain the first choice for every man in the winter of 2020 who restricts himself to the essentials. But at the highest level and with real foresight. Also in terms of sustainability.

When is a man? We believe there are 4 things that make a man attractive, successful and confident. Self-assuredness, style, smartness and a certain type of sportiness. Not more. But also not less. S4 Jackets sees fashion through the eyes of men who are no longer trying to find out who they are, but who are at peace with themselves. Both in life and fashion. Clear silhouettes, clear edges. Why succumb to the dictate of what a “man” should wear? Why not strike out on one’s own? Stylistically confident, nonchalant, discerning. Inspired by design, architecture and the lifestyle of international metropolises, we have already remained true to our chosen path for two decades. Yet, despite this, time and again we demonstrate our courage to question this and define a new direction. We believe: trends come and go. Quality remains. Which is why we invest just as much passion in the look as we do in the manufacturing. We pay attention to details and are willing to risk everything except compromises.